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- Pod 1 (Under 6, Under 7 and Under 8)
Welcome to Pod 1 Coaching Material. 

Fundamental Movements

A(gility), B(alance), C(oordination), R(unning), J(umping)

Introduction to ABCs​

Agility Overview

Balance Overview

Coordination Overview

Running Overview

Jumping Overview

Games/Exercises. Can be used as Warm Up, or a selection for FMS Sessions in the hall. 

​Cups and Saucers - COORDINATION

Fox and Hens - AGILITY (Game)

Bop Along​​ - RUNNING (Exercise/Teaching)

Log Roll - COORDINATION (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Red Light 1,2,3 - AGILITY (Game)​​

Marching - RUNNING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Body Balance - BALANCE (Exercise/Teaching)​​

​​Minefield - AGILITY (Game)

Knee High Lift - RUNNING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Linear Running - RUNNING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Obstacle Course - RUNNING/AGILITY/BALANCE/JUMPING (Game/Exercise)​​

Mobility Exercise - JUMPING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Lateral Bounce - JUMPING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Walk Like an Animal - BALANCE/COORDINATION (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Linear Bounce - JUMPING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Standing Long Jump - JUMPING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Vertical Jump - JUMPING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Dodgems - AGILIITY​​ (Exercise/Teaching)

Take Off and Land - JUMPING/RUNNING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Bridges and Rivers - AGILITY (Exercise/Game)​​

Heel Flicks - RUNNING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Slalom Run - AGILITY/RUNNING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Freezing - AGILITY (Game/Exercise)​​


Body Balance 2 - BALANCE (Exercise)​​

Pyramid Runs - RUNNING (Exercise)​​

Team Pursuit - RUNNING (Game)​​

Ladder and Bounce - COORDINATION (Exercise/Teaching)

Balance and Strike - COORDINATION/BALANCE/STRIKING (Exercise/Teaching)​​

Superman - BALANCE (Exercise)​​

Zig Zag Slalom Run - AGILITY/BALANCE/RUNNING (Exercise)

Bean Bag Transfer - RUNNING/AGILITY​​​​ (Game)

How do I use this page?

These overviews, exercises and games are simply ideas for you, as coach, to use in your FMS Session for Pod 1 Children. Each Link will show you how to execute the game or exercise, and some include videos for even more clarity. All drills are aligned with the Newport Coaching and Games Development Plan, so feel free to pick and choose ones which work for you.