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Football Skills and Games

Under 7

High Catch Standing

At under 7 we introduce catching the ball over the head, but we do not yet ask them to 'jump'. Instead we focus on the technique of actually catching the ball above the head, while in a standing position. Most of the drills below include the 'jump' but these can easily be done without jumping.

    The High Catch Skillcard - Coaching Points
    The High Catch Technique - Coaching Points
    Common Errors - Coaching Points

    Toss and Catch - Exercise
    Partner Catch - Exercise​​​​​
    Move and Catch - Exercise
    Prisoner Ball - Game​​


Fist Pass

   The Fist Pass Skillcard - Coaching Points
   The Fist Pass Technique - Coaching Points
   Common Errors - Coaching Points

   Stationary Pass - Exercise
   Move Pass II - Exercise
   Keep Ball - Game
   Dodge Ball - Game​​​​​​​​​​

Low Kick Pass

At this age, we want in continue to execute the punt kick, however we want the children to move onto the kick pass, where the ball should arrive to the partner at chest height, or below. In all the drills, which are similar to the punt drills for U6, try to emphasise t​​he ball arriving at chest height.

​   The Punt Kick Skillcard - Coaching Points
   The Punt Kick Technique - Coaching Points
   Common Errors - Coaching Points

   Partner Kick - Exercise
   Partner Kick II - Exercise
   Along the Line - Exercise​
   Down the Line - Exercise​
   Hit The Cones - Game
   Empty the Circle - Game​​​​​


Side to Side Charge
   Side to Side Charge Technique - Coaching Points
   Common Errors - Coaching Points​

   Tackle Bag Charge - Exercise
   Charge and Lift - Exercise​​​

Dispossessing​​​ (Near Hand Tackle)

   Near Hand Tackle Skillcard - Coaching Points
   Near Hand Tackle Technique - Coaching Points
   Common Errors - Coaching Points​​​​

   Imaginary Tackle - Exercise
   Around the Block - Exercise​​​

How do I use this page?

These overviews, exercises and games are simply ideas for you, as coach, to use in your FootballSkills Sessions for Pod 1 Children. The games and exercises are grouped according to the aims for each Pod in the Newport Coaching and Games DEvelopment Plan. Of course, should you feel you need to reach into an age group above or below, due to the progress of your group, please feel free to do so. All drills are aligned with the Newport Coaching and Games Development Plan, so feel free to pick and choose ones which work for you.