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Field Session Outline

The purpose of this outline is to help Pod 1 coaches structure a coaching session to be delivered in the field, or using the hurling wall, focused on Technical Proficiency (Skills) for hurling or football.

1 - Organisation

Split kids into groups of 8 max, ideally, and allocate each group to a coach. Ensure the coach knows and can identify his group.

Set up drills or games in advance​​​​​​​​​. Ensure all coaches receive session plan in advance.

When Warm Ups are finished, send each group to a coach, and let that coach retain the group for the duration of the session. All groups do the same exercise, and may combine for games.

2 - Warm Up

The Warm Up should last approx 10 minutes, and ideas for Warm Ups can be found at the FMS Exercises page here​​​​. Choose a 'Game' if possible as part of the warm up, such as cups and saucers, freeze, etc.

3 - Small Game

After the Warm Up, you can begin with a small sided game, (after the grip exercise for U6 hurling which should be done at every hurling session), focusing on a specific skill already learned, or want to practice. These games can be as small as 1 v 1.  Items tagged as 'games' in the Pod 1 coaching resources can also be used here.

4 - Skill Exercise(s)

After the small game, move onto the skills exercise(s) you want to work on in this session. Obviously these skills should come from your aims for the year, and various exercises can be found at the ​​​​Pod 1 coaching resource pages. Review the 'Technique' and 'Common Errors' videos for tips on what to look out for.

5 - Conditioned Game

You may wish to finish the session with a game, of 5v5, 6v6 or 7v7. The children will enjoy the games.  You should aim to focus on the new skill just learned, for example awarding a point to the team who performs the skill correctly in the game. ​​​​

6 - Warm Down

Warm Down shou​​ld last for 5 minutes or so, and should involve gentle jogging or running between walls, jumping etc. 

Your session plan need not be very detailed, as long as it gives your coache​​s the information they require to know what exercises or games they will be running, and how the session will be structured.

A simple session outline is displayed below.





Where do I get the Drills for this Session?

This page simply outlines how you may want to structure a Pod 1 Field Session. The actual Drills can be found at Pod 1 Coaching Resource Page for Hurling or Football at your age group.